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Thank you for your interest in Rite Bite Fundraising!

We are a family owned business and have been successfully serving the community since 2000. Selling Butter Braid pastries is a fun and unique fundraising opportunity for your organization.

Fundraiser Highlights

  • Excellent profit margin
  • Exclusive Products to Fundraising, Not Sold in Retail Stores.
  • Free Program Brochures & Customized Order Forms
  • Free Electronic Order Tally Tool
  • Free Presorted Orders**
  • Comprehensive Website
  • Outstanding Service
  • Free Personalized Delivery* and Setup
  • Quick Fundraising Turnaround Time
  • No Upfront Costs

6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for your fundraiser by calling our friendly staff or sign up online.

Step 2: Pass out forms

Pass out order forms to your group and set goals.

Step 3: Collect forms

Collect order forms and money from your participants.

Step 4: Tally orders

Tabulate the total items sold by flavor for your whole group. Please feel free to use our Microsoft Excel Order Calculator to automatically tally your sales.

Step 5: Ordering

Free access to our web-based ordering system allows you the flexibility to place orders at your convenience. Orders may also be placed via phone or e-mail. The choice is yours! Orders may be changed up to 24 hours prior to delivery.

Step 6: Delivery

* Free delivery and setup. We check with you to ensure we brought everything you ordered. Our professional and courteous delivery personnel will help you until you are comfortable with the sorting process.


* Free delivery for all customers that achieve order delivery minimum requirements.
** Free presorted orders. To qualify, sell 300 items and submit the supplied spreadsheet.

What to expect at delivery: Please sort your order forms and make sure the total numbers on the bottom of the page are filled in. Schedule volunteers to assist in separating orders (call us to see how many you will need). Have a few long tables and some writing markers for the sorting process. We will stack each flavor on the tables and teach your group to fill orders with our fast and efficient reader and picker method. This will ease in distribution but can also be accomplished on the floor.
Payment: Please have your check payable to Rite Bite Fundraising ready at delivery.

Common Questions

How long can Butter Braid pastries stay out of a freezer?
Butter Braid pastries will be delivered frozen at 0°F and will stay frozen for approximately 2-3 hours at room temperature after delivery. Bring a cooler if you need more time.

Why can’t I buy them in stores?
By offering Butter Braid pastries exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is guaranteed a fresh product. Butter Braid pastries are an all natural hand-braided pastry made in Iowa, flash frozen and shipped in just for your group. Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fund raising groups.

How long does this fundraiser take?
Start your fundraiser and take orders for two weeks, tally your totals, and give us a call. 7-10 days later we can deliver. It’s simple, fast and fun!

What should I expect at delivery?
This is the part everyone loves! We will assist you in dividing your orders by individual at delivery. If you’ve ordered more or less than you need, we can fix it on the spot. Butter Braid pastries come packaged in small cardboard boxes that are easy to carry and help to keep them cold. We strive to make this the least amount of work for you, and a profitable painless experience. For sport groups, we will deliver right to your practice or game!


How To Easily Distribute Butter Braid Pastries


  1. You may round up your order to even cases (6 Butter Braid pastries per case) if you would like to have extras on-hand for late orders, or if your group would like to have additional Butter Braid pastries to sell after delivery.
  2. Sort order forms alphabetically and/or by class.
  3. Order form columns should be totaled at the bottom and “Total Braids” box filled in.
  4. Setup an area with 2 long tables end-to-end forming a straight assembly line.  Setup multiple rows for deliveries over 1500 Butter Braid pastries.
  5. Contact volunteers to help us sort orders:
    Less than 500 Braids: 1-2 volunteers
    500-1500 Braids: 2-4 volunteers
    1500-2000 Braids: 4-8 volunteers
    2000+ Braids: Contact us for suggestions on volunteers

Delivery Day

  1. Please pick an area for delivery without steps and close to an outside door
  2. We will assemble your Butter Braid pastries in order by flavor on the tables and count with you prior to sorting any orders.
  3. Volunteers work in pairs.  One person reads the order form (Reader) and one person picks the order (Picker).  We will supply extra boxes and bags that are used for packing.
  4. We will check orders and pack them at the end of the assembly line for you.
  5. Volunteers can write names on boxes after assembly is complete.


  1. You may have no-shows or absentees the day of delivery so have a storage plan.
  2. Butter Braid pastries may sit out of the freezer for up to 3 hours at room temperature.
  3. Have your participants bring coolers if they need more than 3 hours. Ice is not needed.


Butter Braid Pastry Info Sheet (PDF)
Wooden Spoon Info Sheet (PDF)
What to Expect at Delivery – Orders Less Than 300 Units (PDF)
What to Expect at Delivery – Orders 300 Units or Larger (PDF)
Six Easy Steps (PDF)
Parent Letter (Word)

Butter Braid Pastries